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By Sydon Arroyo, D.D.S. & Richard K. Rounsavelle, D.D.S. Comprehensive & Esthetic Dentistry
December 15, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
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How Can I Fix My Smile? Why you should choose dental implants from Dr. Sydon Arroyo in Torrance, CA.

So, you are missing a tooth, and you wonder how you can smile again. The answer may be dental implants. Dental implants, such as those provided by Dr. Sydon Arroyo, in Torrance, California, are considered to be the best way to replace a missing tooth or teeth.

If you lose a tooth or multiple teeth, you will start to lose bone in your jaw. Your jawbone functions to support your teeth. When you no longer Dental Implants have teeth, the bone will begin to lose density and disappear.

Typically, when you lose a tooth, your options are:

  • Don’t replace it: leaving you with a space and reduced chewing ability
  • A removable partial: which may not fit well and may be uncomfortable
  • A denture: which also may not fit well, may be uncomfortable, and needs to be relined periodically
  • A bridge: which involves treating the teeth that are going to hold the bridge in place
  • An implant: either a single tooth or multiple teeth

You should choose an implant because it is the just like having your natural tooth. Some of the benefits of implants include:

  • Better appearance: They look just like natural teeth and you will have a natural smile
  • Better speaking ability: They will stay in place, allowing you to speak clearly and without fear
  • Better chewing ability: They are permanent and don’t slip and slide the way dentures and partials can
  • Greater convenience: You don’t have to take them in and out as you do with partials or dentures
  • Greater comfort: They are just like having a natural tooth
  • Greater durability: With the proper care they can last a lifetime
Implants are truly a permanent, stable solution to missing teeth, allowing you to have a more youthful, vibrant smile. You deserve the very best in dental care, so stop in and visit Dr. Sydon Arroyo, your esthetic dentist in Torrance, California. He will give you back your smile! 


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